Order For Delivery

We do delivery within the radius of 15 kilometre from the location of our restaurant for orders more than 45$. If your home address is within 15 kilometre from our restaurant, delivery may be one more option for you to get your order. In general,  requirements for Delivery include:

  • Delivery Time: 5.00 pm-8.30 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. 
  • Minimum Amount: $45 (not include the delivery fee).
  • Within 15 kilometres from Golden Lor Yarrabilba (16-22 Yarrabilba Drive, Yarrabilba 4207)
  • Input our “system-reckon” postcode format correctly.

Our system uses postcode to locate whether your home address is within the delivery area as  well as estimating the delivery fee. However, a number of suburbs share the same postcode and some of these suburbs are not within our delivery area. Take 4207 as an example, 4207 is the postcode shared among Yarrabilba, Logan Village, Buccan, Bahrs Scrub, Windaroo. We do delivery to Yarrabilba, Logan Village, Buccan but not Bahrs Scrub and Windaroo. In order to solve this problem, we use a suffix after postcode to determine the suburb where you live. For example, if you live in Yarrabilba, your postcode will be 4207YAR instead of 4207 (YAR stands for Yarrabilba). Similarly, if your home address is 22 Allawah Ct, Logan Village, your postcode will be 4207LV1 instead of 4207 (LV1 stands for Logan Village Zone 1).

It is very important to input the correct postcode format; otherwise, you will not see the option of delivery. Please check the table below to to see the correct format of postcode as well as to check if your street is within the delivery area. You only need to input your correct postcode the first time, it will automatically saved for the next time you order.

* Tips: input your street name in search field to quickly see the result.